mehrwert gGmbH
Lange Straße 3
70173 Stuttgart
Tel. 0711-123.757.35

Well-founded consulting and supervision in developing social curricula.
Innovative Service Learning Programs for students.
Sustainable learning programs for business trainees, managers and teams.

Empower social and personal competencies

mehrwert is a nonprofit agency for service learning located in Stuttgart. At mehrwert we organize sustainable learning projects for pupils, business trainees, students, managers and leaders to empower their social and personal competencies. According to the guideline »learning in yet unknown life situations« the participants switch sides for one week. They work e.g. with elderly people who need care, people who are ill or have to live with physical and mental handicaps, or with unemployed or homeless people. Since mehrwert was founded in 2000, more than 13.000 people were trained and accompanied in learning projects in different social organizations.

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